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As part of his Fragile Fight project, contemporary British artist Matthew Penn has recreated the entire skeleton of a Female Polar Bear in cast crystal glass, highlighting the fragility of nature and the delicate balance of life in the natural world in a medium which he believes will translate the message of climate change and biodiversity loss in one common global language.

A recent United Nations report suggested that around 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction.

The Polar Bear is the poster child for the fight against climate change and a symbol of the anthropic damage mankind has caused to the planet.

This globally recognised species will be used to grab the attention of the world and inspire change. Penn’s installation is not simply just an awareness campaign, but an example of a collaboration with technology innovators fusing art, science, and technology together.

The cast glass skeletons of the Fragile Fight represent life and death, the powerful architectural structures in nature, and the fragility of the animal kingdom. Penn’s use of glass as a skeletal form creates his powerful metaphor.

The Fragile Fight project has started its journey with its own iteration of the “Big 5”:

POLAR BEAR - Climate change

DODO - Extinction caused by man

ORANGUTAN - Deforestation


ASIATIC LION - Colonialism

The Fragile Fight is currently working on a collaboration with ZSL London Zoo to open its first innovative archival museum for the project's artworks.

Since the project's inception Matthew Penn has invested circa £500k into the project, using profits from his figurative artworks which include hyper-realistic portraits and bronze sculptures.


Fusing art and conservation, Matthew Penn’s Fragile Fight project is an emotive art project that aims to reverse global biodiversity loss and inspire its audience with a way to directly affect positive change. A hauntingly beautiful reminder of the fact that humans have caused catastrophic destruction of countless animal species and their habitats.

“By displaying the animal kingdom in such a fragile medium, I believe it will capture the interest of those who want to learn more about the species with which we share this earth.” – Matthew Penn

To create awareness of the problem you must first grab the public’s attention. The visual impact of these unique artworks is the focal point of this attention grabbing approach. Inspiring behavioural change by creating exhibitions and installations for the public to interact with and explore.

Working closely with experts already immersed in the world of conservation and through the creation of the artworks, real-world installations, and subsequent educational exhibitions, Matthew Penn will shine a light on species and habitats on the front line of climate chaos. In this process, he aims to inspire his audience to change their habits in order to save the complex ecosystems that sustain us all.

“If we stay on this current trajectory the world will not be the same for our children. It will be less diverse and abundant, more chaotic, and ultimately; harder for them to sustain life.

Scientists tell us that we have entered the 6th mass extinction event on earth and that collectively we must start reversing the effects of mass consumerism. This warning inspired me to push the boundaries of my artistic innovations and unite worldwide action through the Fragile Fight.

The Fragile Fight is the art of conservation and a fight for survival.

The time for blame is over, the era of action must start.” – Matthew Penn